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Asphalt is an extremely popular choice for pavements of all types. No other paving material exceeds asphalt’s combination of aesthetic appeal, economical cost, safety, versatility, and durability. However, like all paving materials, asphalt repair is a necessity. A pavement management plan that includes professionally administered maintenance, repair and cut-out services can add many years to the life of asphalt pavement.

Necessary repairs should be performed as quickly as possible. For one thing, the smaller the repair is, the less it will cost to fix. Prompt action also helps protect the health of the entire pavement. Neglected cracks will continue to expand, allowing water to reach and erode the foundation that supports the pavement. Potholes will develop and worsen, more damage is done to the foundation, and fatigue cracking can quickly spread over large areas of the pavement and may require the asphalt to be cu out. Fortunately, the experienced asphalt contractors at Smith Paving & Sealcoating know a variety of patching methods to repair damaged pavement quickly and economically.

Asphalt Cut-out Repair Services

Cut-outs, Removal and Replacement

This method is the longest-lasting type of patch and is typically considered a permanent repair. A rectangle or square of the pavement containing the damaged area will be sawed out and removed to allow access to the subbase. If the subbase is insufficient, the issue will be rectified before proceeding. After the integrity of the subbase has been ensured through either testing or a repair, hot mix asphalt will be installed in the void and tied into flush and sealed off with the surrounding pavement. The new asphalt will then be compacted as necessary.

But to insure you are correctly choosing the proper maintenance, call Smith Paving & Sealcoating today for a no-obligation estimate of your asphalt repair or asphalt cut-out project.

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